In life, no one wants to have criminal legal risks happen to themselves or their loved ones, however, there is still the possibility of risks of violating the criminal law of Vietnam in the process of traveling, living and working in Vietnam of foreigners. In the event that they have to fall into this situation, foreigners need a lawyer’s legal and psychological help, as well as a lawyer to early participate in protecting the legitimate rights and interests of foreigners. With a team of professional and experienced lawyers and associates in this field, Vietnam lawyers from KAV Lawyers have successfully protected many foreign clients who are unfortunately entangled in criminal liability in Vietnam. Typical legal services of KAV Lawyers in this area include:

– Advising and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of clients in criminal cases at investigative agencies, procuracies and courts in Vietnam;

– Advising and carrying out procedures for relatives of foreigners to visit them in prisons in Vietnam.

If you need more information about our legal services, please contact us via: tel.: (+84) 28 6270 7075 or email:

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