Labor & employment have always been one of the most concerned and used legal areas by foreign-invested enterprises. Employees play an important role in the operation and implementation of business activities of enterprises. Therefore, in order to ensure the recruitment of a high – qualified labor force and manage human resources effectively on the basis of compliance with law, as well as to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of employees according to regulations of law, KAV Lawyers are Vietnam lawyers provide clients with legal services as follows:

1. Advising and drafting documents related to labor such as: probation contract, labor contract, agreement on termination of labor contract, labor records to restructure company, collective agreement, internal labor regulations and registration dossiers with competent state agencies, dossiers of establishment of union local, dossiers of handling labor discipline…

2. Drafting dossiers and represent for clients to carry out labor-related procedures such as: applying for a work permit for foreign employees, applying for a certificate that foreign employees have not to apply for work permit, applying for visas for foreign employees, applying for temporary residence cards for foreign employees, registration of internal labor regulations…

3. Advising and representing for clients to resolve labor disputes.

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