During the process of living and working in Vietnam, there are many foreigners wishing to buy a house or land in Vietnam. However, Vietnamese law has specific provisions and limits on the scope of the form of real estate that foreigners can own in Vietnam. Therefore, to ensure legal safety when owning real estate in Vietnam, many foreigners need advice on relevant Vietnamese laws. With a team of experienced lawyers and associates,  Vietnam lawyers from KAV Lawyers have advised many foreign clients to own houses in Vietnam or protect the interests of many foreign clients in disputes on house ownership (in the case of asking someone else to buy a house in his/her name) or a dispute on a house purchase and sale contract with a real estate project investor… Typical legal services of KAV Lawyers in this area includes:

– Advising and reviewing housing purchase and sale contracts between clients and real estate project investors for clients;

– Advising and supporting clients to review and research legal information of real estate projects before clients decide to buy houses and sign deposit contracts, purchase and sale contracts with investors;

– Protecting the legitimate rights and interests of clients in disputes on deposit contracts, apartment purchase and sale contracts, house ownership rights (in the case of asking someone else to buy a house in his/her name) …

If you need more information about our legal services, please contact us via: tel.: (+84) 28 6270 7075 or email:

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