With a team of qualified and experienced lawyers, Vietnam lawyers from KAV Lawyers have advised and drafted wills for many foreign clients with assets in Vietnam, advising on the procedures for declaration of inheritance in Vietnam for Vietnamese residing abroad, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of many foreign clients or Vietnamese residing abroad in inheritance disputes at the court in Vietnam. With that advantage, Vietnam lawyers from KAV Lawyers provides clients with typical legal services in this field as follows:

– Advising and drafting wills for foreign clients or Vietnamese residing abroad who own property in Vietnam;

– Advising and implementing procedures on inheritance declaration in Vietnam for clients who are foreigners or Vietnamese residing abroad;

– Advising and protecting the rights and interests of clients in inheritance disputes at courts in Vietnam;

– Advising and representing for carrying out procedures on request for recognition and enforcement of decisions or judgments on division of inheritance in Vietnam of foreign courts at courts in Vietnam.

If you need more information about our legal services, please contact us via: tel.: (+84) 28 6270 7075 or email:

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